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Encouragement of Local Church Bodies

Christians we encountered said we were making a difference and they sincerely appreciated our presence. I really struggled to believe that ‘just being’ could be missionary. Raising the dead, healing the sick, visiting orphans, feeding the poor, and preaching the Gospel seem so much above ‘just being.’ While we did practical service and shared the Gospel, I am convicted in hindsight that ‘just being’ may have had a larger impact than anything else we did.

Northern Europe is fully in a post-Christian culture and the wealthier the people the less they ‘need’ God. In the mist of these cultures, we met Christians that are on FIRE. They are small in number but their faith, courage, and commitment are amazing. It is encouraging that God sustained a remnant in cultures that reject God so completely. These pockets of believers have the faith, sustainability, and authority to transform nations but need encouragement to continue in their good works. The following believers we encountered spanned a diversity of denominations and environments.

  • Pastors running Norwegian refugee centers

  • Real estate investor purchasing Norwegian buildings for christian retreat centers

  • Counselor promoting family values in Holland schools

  • American church plant missionary in Norway

  • Norway church opening retreat facility to all denominations

  • Oslo SEND mobilizing the youth for missions in Europe

  • Family contending for a new YWAM base in Denmark

  • Home church interceding for community in prayer and evangelism

  • Danish church serving food and providing children activities for immigrants

  • Denmark National Church pastors supporting family camp

  • Couple buying farms for missionary housing

  • Ukrainian evangelist serving refugees

Although is seems long for me, a two-month outreach is still a short-term mission. I’m not discounting that God uses weeks, days, hours, and seconds but I see the real change agents as people living within Norway and Denmark. My experience convicted me that God is not done with Europe or… America. He continues to raise up salt and light in the world.

The outreach team also completed the following practical service projects.

  • Cooking to support Family Camp

  • Yard work for elderly woman and family

  • Cleaning attic, yard work, and construction for man that recently lost his leg

  • Construction of greenhouse for refugee center

  • Trash pickup for the SEND

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