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Norway-Denmark Outreach

Coming into YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) , we yearned to see the power and workings of God. I should have foreseen a chasm between expectations and reality from the lecture phase. Outreach is the practical application of teaching from the first three months of DTS and core concepts included: (1) control belongs to God; and (2) we cannot contain Him in our preconceived notions. Our outreach was a pioneering experience; Rancho Abierto has never sent a team to Norway or Denmark nor had our leaders ever led an outreach team. As a result, there were plenty of opportunities to be reminded of teachings 1 and 2. In the travel, working, new communities, juggling five languages, living in one-room accommodations, and chaos.... it was often difficult to see God’s plan which is often my experience. But upon reflection, I can clearly see His hand over our outreach team..SURPRISE!! Go God. (* a phrase often used by Dan Baughman, author and lecturer*)

When we submitted our preference for the outreach team, we understood the focus would be ministering to Ukrainian refugees, supporting the SEND in Norway, and practical help at a YWAM Family Camp in Denmark. Our team included five families from Canada, Singapore, and America and we touched seven countries in eight weeks. Through the serving, travel, and fun we developed close friendships, testimonies, and life-long memories.

Jenn has asked me (Brian) to share on the blog regarding outreach. We are back in Mexico for debrief so I am writing looking back on our experience and I am still learning/processing. The power of "&" is alive and well as we enter the last week of a five-month adventure. We are looking forward to returning home & we are really going to miss our DTS family and adventure. It was a real blessing to experience DTS as a family & tomorrow (August 10th) is a pointed reminder that we are missing Hannah. I am writing from a place of joy & sentimentality. Life and DTS have been stretching, difficult & God is really Good.

Here is what to expect on future blog posts. They will be picture heavy as we are still really busy in the present and preparing for our transition back to Kansas.

  • Identity in the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

  • Encouragement of Local Church Bodies

  • Sharing the Gospel

  • Food of Scandinavia

  • Activities

  • Boat Theme

Team formation and travel to Europe

Five-weeks with Ukrainians in Norway

Three-weeks in Denmark

Outreach Debrief and return to Mexico

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