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The Sweet Spot

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

The seeds planted for this journey were planted years ago. A couple years before Hannah passed, Brian felt like the Lord was leading him to step away from his successful career as a Process Engineer. We weren’t clear what that looked like…but that’s just like the Lord. He plants seeds, and we wander for awhile not knowing exactly where He is leading our thoughts or our heart as He grows the plans He has for us. Honestly, not a comfortable season of heart stirring, waiting and not seeing what the journey is ahead.

After Hannah passed, Brian felt more of an urgency to move in line with what God was calling us to- even though we had no idea what that was. But we did know that it did require obedience for Brian to quit his job at the prime of his career. Once again- not a comfortable season.

I honestly can’t even tell you how we came to know about the YWAM ministries. Maybe it started when we read a book titled "Thirst", whom the author had served on Mercy Ships and then went on to start his non-profit

Charity Water. (Highly recommend this book btw.) Mercy ships was birthed through YWAM (Youth With a Mission). At this point everything was on the table, we just wanted to hear from the Lord where He wanted us to go and what to do. Brian and I spent a lot of time combing through different non profit organizations that might be a good fit for our family. Then we had friends sharing their experiences serving at YWAM, and next discovered YWAM not only offered programs for young adults but also family discipleship schools (DTS). The program immediately resonated with both of us.

I believe the Lord also was extending me kindness to allow time to grieve and heal from the death of Hannah before we started a new journey. When we found out about the family DTS through YWAM, we researching bases they offer worldwide. Things we had to consider were Covid restrictions, the time frame that would dovetail with the kids’ school, and the spirit of the base.

Brian was the first to stumble across the "off the grid", brand new DTS base in Baja, Mexico. He was instantly drawn to the couple that were the leaders. We met them through a zoom call to discuss the possibility of going and were reassured this was the place the Lord was calling our family to go.

In the next post, I will describe more what YWAM is all about, what specifically drew us to

the organization, and what we will be doing there.

For now, we would absolutely love for you to join us in prayer! We have less than 30 days- Lord willing, we leave March 18th, and the DTS check in on March 24th. I have several lists of things to tie up before we go. The kids have been so very diligent - starting school early and working through all the breaks to finish school before we go. They will only have math and a few things to tie up while we are down there. In the mean time, I am making curriculum decisions for next year, checking (and rechecking ;) packing lists, scheduling time to spend with friends and family before we go, and getting the house in order for while we are gone. The Lord blessed us with a friend of Brian’s that will live at our house to take care of the house and our animals.

I would love to have your prayers for getting our hearts prepared and opened for what He has planned for us in Mexico, for peace for my heart as we begin a new chapter without my beloved Hannah, and for the staff and families that are also in preparation for the upcoming DTS families arriving next month.

God is SO GOOD and Faithful! The entire family is really excited and anticipating great things in the months ahead. I love that sweet spot when you know you are walking in the plans the Lord has prepared for you.

Soli Deo Gloria💜

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💜💜 I’m so excited to see all God is going to do in this amazing journey! Praying for you and love you all.


Looking forward to sharing your adventure vicariously through your blog and will be with you in prayers. Love you and your family!


Looking forward to hearing about your family's adventure. We will pray for blessings along the way.


My eyes are leaking whole reading your beautiful words. I am in awe of y and Brian’s obedience to the Lord. Praying for you all!!!


Katie Auth
Katie Auth
Feb 21, 2022

Praising the Lord that you were able to get this blog started. Praying so many things over your family including your posting to be spirit lead and life giving. Don’t rush your time away here; be on the look out for gifts and kindnesses from the Lord each day to bolster your faith before you go! Glad to be following along on your journeys unexpected!

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